The ESA620 Electrical Safety Analyzer represents the next generation in portable, manual test tool for the biomedical technician and clinical engineer that are performing tests on medical equipment. With selections of three test loads, protective earth test currents, and two insulation test voltages this versatile product can be used worldwide to test to their standard of choice.
This full-featured electrical safety analyzer comes standard with test leads for 2-wire protective earth measurements, and with optional leads offers the time-saving 4-wire technique. Additionally, the 20-A-device receptacle allows for testing of those devices that need it, so the technician is not limited to only test 15-A equipment. (US only)
New DSP technology offers better accuracy of leakage measurements throughout the ranges specified in the standards, and an intuitive interface guides the user through tests. The ESA620 features a large display to facilitate quick and clear indication of performed tests, criteria associated with test set up, device under test receptacle conditions and results.
Equipped with ten ECG posts, the ESA620 simulates of ECG and performance waveforms so both electrical safety and basic tests on patient monitors can be performed with a single connection. The unit is equipped with standard USB interface for computer control and data transfer. When used with optional Msur computer-based software Plug-in, the ESA620 allows for standardization of test procedures, as well as result capturing, storage and printing of reports. When combined with Msur, the ESA620 can be automated, capturing results and comparing them to standard limits, essentially enabling this manual unit the sophisticated performance of high end electrical safety equipment at half the price.


  • On-board automation with automated test sequences for easy compliance to key global electrical safety standards (ANSI/AAMI ES-1 (NFPA-99), IEC62353 (VDE751), IEC60601-1 2nd and 3rd editions, and AS/NZS 3551)

  • Portable, ergonomic design with an Integrated handle and tilt stand

  • Human-factors-designed user interface for streamlined testing

  • ECG waveform tests and dual-lead measurements combine the functionality of a simulator, multi-meter and safety analyzer in a single test tool

  • 20 A at 120 V current capability

  • Five applied parts jacks and easy ECG snap connection; optional expander box for up to 12-lead ECG testing

  • Easy data entry through barcode, external keyboard or on-board keypad

  • Wireless communication plus removable memory card for fast and convenient data storage and exchange

  • Replaceable mains fuses keep your unit in the field and out of the repair shop

  • Custom language selections include: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese

  • Large, easy-to-read display with adjustable contrast

  • Optional Ansur automation software completely integrates medical device testing including electrical safety, visual inspection and other performance parameters for total digital data management. Tethers with other Ansur-automated test devices for harmonized workflow and reporting.

  • Rigorously tested for rugged field applications, with CE and CSA in addition to Fluke-quality- ruggedness for long-term reliability

  • Global support network delivering prompt service and peace of mind to Fluke Biomedical customers worldwide

  • Two-year extended warranty (no-cost, available after first-year calibration at any authorized Fluke Biomedical Service Center)



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